Birds Are Being Euthanized


Exotic Birds Are Being Euthanized!

Parrots and other exotic birds are the fourth-largest group of animals kept as pets, and they comprise the largest population of captive wildlife in the U.S. With these statistics, it’s not surprising that birds have become one of the fastest-growing groups of unwanted pets. . Unfortunately, few animal shelters have facilities to house parrots, and many shelters have to turn away unwanted birds. As a result, many parrots are euthanized there is nowhere to place them.

Five Reason Exotic Birds Are Given Up: 1) Birds are purchased on a whim 2) Birdsowners are uneducated about normal bird behavior 3) Bird owners don’t recognize birds’ puberty and sexual frustration 4) Bird owners are willing to purchase birds but not veterinary care 5) Many bird owners don’t realize how long parrots can live!

Safari Joe's Exotic Wildlife never wants to turn away another exotic bird, but we cannot continue our rescue efforts without your support. Exotic Brids come with extensive expenses. These birds can live over 50 years, they also experience a good deal of emotional and mental stress everytime their environment and habitats change.

Please helps us care for these beautiful birds. Help us have the strength to never turn away unwanted birds, birds that would otherwise be euthanized.


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