Balloon Releases Are Killing Wildlife

Unfortunately, we recently found a wild bird at the sanctuary that had suffered an injury from what appears to have been a part of a balloon. We are thrilled to say the bird was quickly returned to the wild and will recover.

For years, balloon releases have been used to celebrate events or honor the memory of someone lost. Schools release them during football games, they’re sent floating into the air and released by crowds of people at weddings, funerals, and memorials. And while those who organize and participate in balloon releases have the best of intentions, what they fail to consider is what happens when those balloons eventually land – and when they do the results can be detrimental to wildlife.

What can you do to help save wildlife? Consider one of these wildlife-friendly options instead; Bubbles, plant a tree, or use candles for weddings or in memory of a loved one.

The small changes we can make today can and do effect the wildlife of tomorrow.

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