Our mission and passion at Safari Joe's Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary is to rescue and care for as many animals as we can, and to provide a loving environment for these beautiful creatures to the best of our ability. Many of the animals taken in are placed in exhibits at Safari Joe's H2O Water Park and at Safari Joe's Reptile World for the public to enjoy.

We take pride in our educational programs. Our animal Encounters give people young and old the ability to expand their knowledge through a hands-on learning experience.

Since young children naturally identify with animals, and because animals are living beings like us, we can also use our interactions with animals to teach children how to behave toward other people. Teaching our kids to respect and protect even the smallest and most despised among us is one of the most important life lessons that we can pass along to them.


Safari Joe's Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary is a 200 acre sanctuary, located three miles north of Adair, Oklahoma on Highway 69.

With over twenty years of experience with exotic wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, Safari Joe's passion continues to focus on saving and caring for abandoned, abused and neglected wildlife.

Currently over 250 animals reside at the park, spanning a wide variety of animals from large cats (tigers, leopards and lions) to numerous other mammals including reptiles and birds. The sanctuary is private and closed to the public.

Wildlife rehabilitation is an important job, one that needs the continuing support of caring sponsors, like you. Our operating expenses are huge, and they are rising. We depend on the generosity of the public.

We are a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Our volunteers are dedicated and hard-working people who give up much of their time to lend a helping hand.

Please help us continue our important work.

We also provide educational outreach and conduct educational programs.

For more information call 918-224-WILD