Let Safari Joe's bring the zoo into your classroom with our new science education programs for high schools!


9th through 12th Grade / 15-30 Students



Intro to Zoology - We bring 10 creatures from all around the world, teach a little bit about each, and allow students to learn through touch. This is the most expansive animal experience we offer - guaranteed to inspire at least one new biologist per class!


Mesozoic Monsters - Discover the planet Earth 250 million years ago! Witness the rise of the archosaurs, the fall of the crocodilians, and come face to face with a REAL dinosaur! Bonus: Learn why your childhood dinosaur toys make no sense!


Snakes 101 - In this incredibly detailed class we use a short PowerPoint and a VERY long snake to teach your students about the anatomy, physiology, evolution, and ethology of snakes. You'll even get to touch a snake's legs!


A Brief History of Life - Explore evolution from its most fundamental concepts to a hands-on identification of animal adaptations. Students then take a guided walk through history from the beginning of life to the dawn of man. This lesson includes extended time for Q&A.

Cost: $150 for the first class / $75 for every subsequent class presented the same day



Safari Joe's Pay-It-Forward program was designed to assist schools and groups in low income areas in covering the cost of a Safari Joe Adventure Presentation.

Please contact us for more information about the program and how you can participate.


Looking for something less educational and more fun? We are also available for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events, Reunions, Festivals, Trade Shows, and more...

Please call 918-224-WILD

for more information and to make a reservation.

A portion of all animal presentation proceeds help support the sanctuary